We have a youth group, run as part of the local churches in the area, that meets weekly during the school term. It is called Youth!

Youth meets from 6pm-8:30pm Friday nights and use the facilities at St Martin’s Chapel (St Martin’s Road, Cannonvale). The program is run for any high school age student. Note: students do not have to be connected with a church-going family, or even live in the area. If you breathe and can get there you are welcome!

It is an exciting and safe weekly program for Grades 7-12. The program varies from week to week, but it is a social program, with lots of fun stuff going on.  It is also a relationship building program that provides opportunities for young people to gain peer & adult support. It is also a spiritual program as we give young people an opportunity to explore issues of life, faith & purpose. More information regarding the Youth Progam can be found here.

Peace of Mind – WBC is a Kid-safe church.  We take our responsibility seriously to keep children and young people safe.  We also take having fun seriously.  Our key leaders are trained in child safety and mandatory reporting.  Everyone who works with children and young people in our church is required to have a “Blue Card”.