Food for Thought

We have embarked on a journey. It is a journey of the Kingdom of God. This is not a journey which began simply because we commenced a series on the Kingdom of God. Rather, this is a journey that began when we […]

The Journey

I wonder how often you feel frustrated? It’s so easy to be frustrated, particularly with others and those who are closest to us. But what about yourself? How often are you frustrated with you? How often do you come down […]


If you were to choose one central theme to define your faith, what would it be? What is at the centre of your belief? What is at the heart of your convictions? When we ponder these questions we often miss […]

Kingdom of God

It is great to finally be settled into the Whitsunday region. Our family is settling well and we are appreciating everyone’s kindness and generosity. We are looking forward to a long ‘life together’ as a local Whitsunday expression of God’s […]