The Journey

We have embarked on a journey. It is a journey of the Kingdom of God. This is not a journey which began simply because we commenced a series on the Kingdom of God. Rather, this is a journey that began when we chose Jesus. When we decided that he was worth pursuing. For some, this is a journey which has been going on for many years and for others it is real fresh. Yet the common element is that each one of us is on the same journey.

Have you ever done something, travelled somewhere or experienced something based on the advice of another? It might be a major holiday or an overseas trip? It might be visiting a particular location in the Whitsundays or a great café or restaurant. When we stop and think about it, there are many things we share in common with other people. For a disciple, the common point is Jesus. Jesus is the centre piece of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, in this common experience, we have each found the ‘pearl of great value’. Nothing can be more significant or have more value than the Kingdom of God.

Each one of us will have some level of understanding concerning the Kingdom of God. We probably get the concept. But do we get it practically? What does it really mean to be in the Kingdom of God? If we are real honest, my guess is that we would all recognise we have gaps. There are things we don’t understand. There are things we don’t do. In fact, there are times when we don’t even care! So where to from here?

I want to suggest that understanding the Kingdom of God simply requires us to be on the journey. The Kingdom of God is not prescriptive or black and white. The Kingdom of God is not just a public act of worship each week and a couple of little prayers here and there in between. The Kingdom of God is not merely understanding or intellectual knowledge. No, the Kingdom of God is in fact MESSY. It’s even conflicting at times. It is more about principles than rules and the fundamental principle is God engaging with humanity. That, my friends, is the Kingdom of God.

Whatever your understanding of the Kingdom of God, the important point is that you are moving in it. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a cause and it’s a mystery. It is God at work in all of creation. As you think about your life and your world may I suggest that you dig deeper into the Kingdom of God. Read over the book of Luke or Mark several times. Listen to Jesus, observe Jesus and replicate Jesus’ life and teaching. In this you will discover more of the richness of the Kingdom of God.

Blessings and warm regards, Craig

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