Our Team

At WBC we try to run a flat line leadership model.

  • Everyone has a voice in the life of the church
  • Participation is valued higher than perfection
  • We help you find the right fit not just any fit
  • Our leaders are men, women, young and old

Some of our leadership team are:

Elders – Board – Pastor – Worship – Community – Outreach – Youth

We also have two members on staff:


Craig has a wife and four kids, and he is our Pastor.

This doesn’t mean that he runs everything or does all the work. But he does do a lot simply because we support him so that he has time to do stuff. Some of things that Craig does are:

  • Plays a key role in shaping the direction of the WBC
  • Offers spiritual direction and assistance to people
  • Teaches people Christian beliefs & lifestyle info
  • Leads or participates in various community programs
  • Cares for and prays with people
  • Liaises with other groups and organisations



Melinda has a husband and a number of fur babies, and she is our Youth and Worship Coordinator.