Children are a normal part of life at Whitsunday Baptist Church. We love our kids! It’s okay if they make noise and move around during the service.

We have creche in the morning tea room, but if it is not running, there is always a box of toys for young children in that room. We are working on having a regular program for children each Sunday during school term at our morning service, but at the moment school aged children sit with their parents during the service, and can access our activity packs and books during sermon time.

Our high school young people generally stay with the adults, but they are welcome to help out with the children if they would rather do that.

Kids Club is a program we run on Friday afternoons during school term, for grades 3 to 6, at Whitsunday Christian College.  All children in these grades, from any school in the area, are welcome.  For more details about Kids Club click here.

Peace of Mind – WBC is a Kid-safe church.  We take our responsibility to keep kids safe seriously.  We also take having fun seriously.  Our key leaders are trained in child safety and mandatory reporting.  Everyone who works with children is required to have a “Blue Card”.