At WBC we encourage participation from anyone. We have a healthy community and we love doing things together.

After being part of our community for a while, you may find you want to get more involved. You may be looking for a greater sense of belonging, or to be able to have a greater say, or maybe you want to be influential by serving in our leadership team(s)?

An important step is membership. The bottom line is, everyone who believes in Jesus, and follows his ways, automatically becomes a member of the church in a universal sense. But locally, it is important to be able to lay our cards on the table. You will need to show your commitment to the local Christian community at WBC. This helps maintain our spiritual and functional integrity, it helps maintain a safe environment for children and the vulnerable, and it also complies with the legal requirements for organisations in Australia.

What are the requirements?

  1. Born again believer dependant upon faith in Jesus Christ for your salvation
  2. Baptised (as an adult, or infant where that tradition has some form of adult confirmation)
  3. Committed to this local church expression known as WBC
  4. Agree with the statement of belief contained in our constitution
  5. Seeking to live a holy & righteous life

Would you like to become a member? If your interested in exploring this option there are three pathways:

  1. You can speak to our Senior Pastor – call our church office or contact us via email.
  2. You can print off a membership application form here and submit it.
  3. You can take your time and explore WBC a little bit more by reading our constitution; it will provide some information on what we believe and how we are governed.