Hey, so you’re new to the area? Maybe you’re new to Whitsunday Baptist Church? Starting a new life, family or career? Or just having a holiday or a¬†change of scene? Whatever your reason for being new, we are glad you have stopped by… and we want to be friends with you!

Sometimes it can be hard to get to know people. Our public meeting on Sundays is really not the best place. It’s a crowd of people and we’re only there for a couple of hours. Rather, friendship grows in other places… in our homes, through shared experiences and by investing time into our relationships.

So we have a few ways you can become our friends:-

  • We’re always happy to catch up for a drink at sometime… if we haven’t asked you yet, we invite you to take the initiative. Nothing wrong with being forward.
  • We have several “Life Groups” running. These are regular groups that meet primarily for friendship, Bible reading & praying.
  • We also run some formal “New Comers” dinners on a regular basis. These are held in order to offer hospitality and friendship to anyone who is new to our church or the area. You will get invited to one of these if you are known to us, breathing¬†and in the area at the time.